"Malaise got stronger": Kekulé sees new evidence of laboratory accident

Does the coronavirus come from a laboratory or was it transmitted from animals to humans during fur production? Virologist Alexander Kekulé believes the latter is more likely. However, doubts grow with him. The Halle-based virologist Alexander Kekulé sees new evidence that the corona virus could be due to a laboratory accident in Wuhan. He has […]

Discuss energy needs globally: Merkel: China needs gas until 2060

The industrialized nations are struggling to take measures against high energy prices. The scarce supply on the gas market could also become a problem in the coming years. Chancellor Merkel is therefore calling for an international agreement on gas requirements – because this is likely to turn out very differently in the future. Chancellor Angela […]

According to report on rocket launch: China confirms test with "Spaceship"

Countries like the US and Russia are working on new hypersonic weapons. A report that the Chinese have sent a nuclear weapon-grade projectile into orbit causes a stir and surprise. Beijing is now commenting on its technological development. China claims to have tested a new spacecraft with reusable technology. In response to journalists’ questions about […]

Ports in continuous operation: US battles supply chain problem

In the US, demand is going through the roof. However, customers have to be patient – due to global problems with supply chains, goods arrive late. Transport Minister Buttigieg developed a plan to remedy the situation. China is initially left out. According to US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, the current supply chain problems are […]