“gratuit mentality”? Decadent German authorities celebrate contempt for the poor — RT DE

15 Aug 2022 06:45 am Three months 9-euro ticket – Germany’s poor can finally afford to travel again. The ramshackle trains are overcrowded, high earners stay with the car – the lobby, including the Minister of Finance, now wants to get rid of the annoying “rabble” quickly. by Susan Bonath If it were up to […]

Views of a German ambassador — RT DE

13 Aug 2022 2:15 p.m Enthusiasm and support from most Germans for the Kiev cause, Putin as the new Hitler, concentration camps for Ukrainians, hate speech against Gerhard Schröder – an interview with the German ambassador in Kyiv raises questions. by Nikita Anka Feldhusen, the German ambassador to the Ukraine, who recently stood sipping sparkling […]

Majority of German self-propelled howitzers delivered to Ukraine are no longer operational — RT DE

Aug 13, 2022 1:12 p.m According to a member of the Bundestag, only five of the 15 delivered PzH 2000 howitzers are still operational in Ukraine. In addition, subsequent deliveries cannot be made before the end of next year. Most of the German PzH 2000 howitzers delivered to Ukraine from the West have already broken […]

East German entrepreneurs call for end to sanctions on Russia — RT DE

11 Aug 2022 9:44 pm Several heads of medium-sized companies have written an open letter to the federal government because they are deeply concerned about the economic policy taken by the “traffic light” coalition. Among other things, they demand energy security. In an open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, several medium-sized entrepreneurs are calling for […]

German farmers to plant more grain — RT DE

8 Aug 2022 06:15 am If Agriculture Minister Özdemir has his way, German farmers should use more land to grow grain. Species protection areas planned according to EU specifications are not to be introduced until 2024. Approval comes from the farmers’ association. Environmentalists, on the other hand, accuse Özdemir of giving in to pressure from […]

‘Frank debate’ – China summons German ambassador after Baerbock comments — RT DE

4 Aug 2022 09:32 am In the conflict between China and Taiwan, Baerbock undiplomatically sided with the breakaway province on Monday, causing outrage in Beijing. The German ambassador to China was then summoned. She then reported on a “frank discussion” with the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister. In response to the critical statements made by Federal […]