German Air Transport Association calls for end of mask requirement on planes — RT DE

Masks are still compulsory on flights to and from Germany. The air traffic association demands that passengers should in future decide for themselves whether they want to wear mouth and nose protection or not. The nationwide mask requirement on airplanes is declared as necessary in the German Infection Protection Act (IfSG) for the time being […]

Breaches of international law at US Air Force base Ramstein? German authorities don’t want to know — RT DE

Command, click, death? Drones that can kill are controversial. That is why there has been speculation in Germany for some time about the role of the US air force base in Ramstein in the US drone war. Peace activists and local residents are wondering if they are being killed from Germany. So far they have […]

Does the Ukrainian establishment have sovereignty over German sanctions? — RT DE

Chancellor Scholz has made the fate of the German and European sanctions against Russia dependent on the will of Ukraine. That means Ambassador Melnyk will rule Germany as long as there is a Ukrainian establishment. An analysis by Igor Maltsev On May 5, the federal government’s website published a interview published with Federal Chancellor Olaf […]

Commerzbank boss sees German economy facing a wave of bankruptcies — RT DE

The CEO of Commerzbank Manfred Knof expects more insolvencies in Germany because of the effects of the EU sanctions against Russia. Accordingly, the Commerzbank boss sees an increase in loan defaults this year due to higher inflation. Commerzbank CEO Manfred Knof sees Germany confronted with a wave of bankruptcies because of the sanctions of the […]