When children are included in drag queen shows, it’s not ‘pride’, it’s perverted — RT DE

The annual Pride month has evolved from normalizing consensual adult relationships to sexualizing children. A commentary by Ian Miles Cheong A Pride month event at a Dallas bar known as a gay hangout sparked massive social media outrage last weekend after video footage surfaced of children being invited to attend a drag queen show — […]

No answers on vaccine harm in children — RT DE

The journalist Susan Bonath has been trying for weeks to get answers to clearly formulated questions from the Paul Ehrlich Institute. This involves statistical surveys on child vaccinations in Germany and possible complications. The journalist Susan Bonath, who also regularly publishes her texts on RT DE, has been trying for some time to get answers […]

At least 650 mysterious cases of hepatitis in children, WHO says Spain raises alarm — RT EN

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 650 cases of mysterious hepatitis in children from 33 countries have now been reported. As has now become known, dozens of new cases have been registered in Spain alone since the beginning of the year. According to a current situation report by the Spanish Ministry of […]

Ukraine shells schools, kills children in Donetsk – West celebrates Zelensky — RT EN

On Monday, Ukrainian forces shelled central Donetsk with long-range artillery, hitting two schools – killing five civilians, including a child. The day before, Selenskij and the Klitschko brothers were celebrated at a solidarity event at the Brandenburg Gate in the German capital. by Vladislav Sankin On Monday, local authorities in Donetsk reported Ukrainian shelling that […]