Vip, Vip, Hurray !: Laura Müller creams as "sexy wife" away

Why is Spotify wondering about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Is Britney Spears really already 40 years old? And what do the Wendlers do on a platform for eroticism? “Vip, Vip, Hooray!”, The weekly celebrity review is here. What a brilliant career they had before them! Own TV documentary, advertising deals, appearances at prime time. […]

Criticism of the STIKO recommendation: Mertens admits that he hesitated too long when it came to boosting

The Standing Vaccination Commission has long been under political pressure to recommend booster vaccinations for all adults. It does that too, albeit much later than many comparable bodies. Today STIKO boss Mertens says that you should have started boosting earlier. The chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), Thomas Mertens, has admitted that his committee […]

"No data" Long-term consequences: STIKO boss would currently not have his own child vaccinated

The Standing Vaccination Commission is currently reviewing the recommendation for a corona vaccination for five to eleven year olds. At least his own seven-year-old child does not want to have his own seven-year-old child vaccinated yet. He justifies this with the lack of data. The chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), Thomas Mertens, would […]

Ventilation "absolute rarity": Children are rarely corona intensive cases

As everywhere in the population, there are significantly more corona cases in children’s intensive care units. DIVI Secretary General Hoffmann says that the young patients become seriously ill, but they are extremely rare. A completely different lung disease is currently causing problems. According to the DIVI intensive care register, the number of corona cases in […]

Thought as a gift for children: Bavaria’s Playmobil figure will be an expensive eBay item

The State Office for the Environment in Bavaria is distributing Playmobil men in flood protection suits free of charge to schoolchildren and day-care center children. Unexpectedly, however, a dealer offers the small figures at a high price on Ebay. But that’s not all. A Playmobil male from the State Office for the Environment in Bavaria […]