Translation errors, but Habeck’s speech on hunger crisis and sanctions remains questionable — RT DE

On May 24, RT DE reported on an appearance by the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck. An error had crept in, which we correct here. The arguments put forward by Habeck are nevertheless questionable. On May 24th reported RT DE on an appearance by Federal Minister for Economics and Climate […]

Turkey will not join sanctions against Russia — RT EN

Turkey is not following the example of the West in imposing sanctions on Russia. According to Ibrahim Kalin, spokesman for the Turkish President, Ankara is being guided by pragmatic economic considerations and a “policy of balance”. In an interview with Habertürk TV, Ibrahim Kalin, the Turkish President’s press secretary, announced that Ankara is pursuing a […]

Moscow denies claims EU sanctions have no impact on food security — RT EN

by Alexander Karpov and Aliona Medvedeva The claim from Brussels that the European Union’s (EU) own sanctions against Russia would not endanger global food security is unfounded, emphasized Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry. According to her, this is particularly evidenced by recommendations from the EU Commission, which seek to make access to […]

‘Definitely not a colony’ – India steers sovereign course and defies anti-Russian sanctions — RT EN

Despite immense pressure from the West, India will not allow itself to be made into its pawn. On the contrary: Instead of joining the pro-Western sanctions, New Delhi is banking on expanding Indo-Russian cooperation. India is proving that sovereignty means making your own decisions – and that for your own benefit. By Alexander Men The […]