Biden, Johnson discuss ‘unprecedented package of sanctions against Russia’ — RT EN

25 Jan 2022 10:38 am US, UK and EU leaders discussed efforts to stem perceived Russian aggression. In the event of an escalation in Ukraine, an unprecedented package of sanctions will be imposed on Moscow. US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and heads of state and government of several European countries, the […]

London fears sanctions will limit Russian gas supplies to Europe — RT EN

24 Jan 2022 18:01 The Times newspaper has written that British officials believe sanctions against Russia over Ukraine will lead to a drop in Russian gas supplies to Europe. According to UK views, the sanctions will also have a negative impact on gas prices. British government officials fear possible Western sanctions against Russia over the […]

Austria’s foreign minister warns Russia against sanctions – but wants to exclude the gas sector — RT EN

23 Jan 2022 12:21 pm Against the background of the acute tensions between the West and Russia, Austria’s chief diplomat, Alexander Schallenberg, warns the government in Moscow against quick and severe sanctions by the EU. At the same time, he wants to make an exception for the gas sector. In an interview for the press, […]

Ukrainian President Zelensky imposes sanctions on Austrian architects — RT DE

22 Jan 2022 09:49 am Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy has issued further sanctions against foreign individuals and companies. Russian citizens and companies are primarily affected. However, the list also includes Austrian architects from an office in Vienna. On Friday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy signed a decree imposing sanctions on foreign citizens and companies. Thus, he […]