Inciting Russia’s ethnic minorities against Moscow – a timeless Western tactic — RT EN

28 Sep 2022 6:20 p.m It is well known how creatively and unscrupulously the USA conducts its information wars. Despite this, they keep surprising themselves with new ideas that aren’t all that new: splitting up Russia, overthrowing the president and, more recently, turning individual sections of the population against the government. A report from Nikita […]

Kyiv and Moscow exchange prisoners including Azov militants and Medvedchuk — RT EN

22 Sep 2022 2:18 p.m Kyiv has reported on a prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia. Accordingly, among those exchanged are commanders of Azov and the leading Ukrainian opposition figure Medvedchuk. Moscow reports the return of a total of 55 Russian prisoners. Moscow and Kyiv exchanged prisoners of war. This reported Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency. […]

How will Moscow react to Ukraine’s Western-backed advance? — RT DE

18 Sep 2022 9:18 p.m An analysis by Sergei Poletayev After Russia and its allies liberated Severodonetsk and Lisichansk in early July, hostilities in Ukraine eased somewhat. Apparently, Moscow deliberately let the conflict, which required only relatively little effort, drift along. At the same time, the Russian state apparatus worked to overcome the consequences of […]

‘The country will burn’ – Medvedev directs apocalyptic tones west in Moscow — RT EN

15 Sep 2022 8:40 am Dmitry Medvedev has addressed the West with an apocalyptic warning in connection with the Ukraine war. The former Russian President used a quote from the Book of Revelation to comment on the demands of the so-called “Kiev Security Agreement”. Western “dumb idiots in stupid think tanks” are leading their countries […]