Ukraine’s war crimes report ‘resolved’ — RT EN

15 Aug 2022 06:15 am Has “Amnesty International” buckled? Although so far there has only been pseudo-moral criticism or blanket, unsubstantiated denial of their report on criminal warfare by the Ukrainian army, its origins are now to be “processed”. © Anatoly Sharyy The London-based NGO “Amnesty International” wants to “revisit” its report on the warfare […]

Albanian war cry from Pristina – with a recognizable American accent — RT DE

11 Aug 2022 5:27 pm The reflection of the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s special military operation in the Balkans is perhaps best borne out by some, if not overly loud, announcements from Kyiv that Zelensky’s government may reconsider its previous status of not recognizing the independence of the self-proclaimed Serbian province of Kosovo . By […]

According to the Ifo Institute, Germany faces a massive loss of prosperity in a trade war against China — RT DE

8 Aug 2022 5:21 pm Germany’s increasingly one-sided fixation on the USA and the “West” is becoming more and more concrete. After the anti-Russian sanctions had already had an extremely negative effect on the German economy, a trade war against the People’s Republic of China would now be the worst case scenario for German industry. […]