Serbia sees wave of bomb threats as pressure over position in Ukraine war — RT EN

Serbia recently experienced a wave of bomb threats. Anonymous emails have now been sent to several schools, shopping malls and restaurants. This leads to mass evacuations. The government links the threats to the Ukraine war. Recently there have been mass evacuations in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The causes were anonymous bomb threats, which mainly […]

“Total hybrid war to the last Ukrainian” — RT DE

16 May 2022 7:13 am A meeting of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council (CFDP) was held in Moscow on Saturday. The changing geopolitical circumstances and Russia’s adequate response to them were the focus of the meeting. Referring to the “military operation” in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the decision taken by […]

Campino would no longer object to military service today because of the Ukraine war — RT EN

Die Toten Hosen “became clearer and clearer about political statements when we thought it was time,” says their frontman Campino. Because of the Ukraine war, for example, he would no longer – unlike in 1983 – refuse to do military service. In view of the Ukraine war, rock singer Campino from Die Toten Hosen currently […]

Torture and killing of Russian prisoners of war in media reports again — RT EN

Reports of Ukrainian war crimes against Russian prisoners of war are piling up. This week, French radio station Sud Radio published an interview with a humanitarian worker who is said to have witnessed abuse and killings. The “young world” reports on the castration of prisoners from the Donbass. Reports of unconventional treatment of Russian prisoners […]