Sri Lanka has run out of money for oil — RT EN

16 May 2022 20:43 There is no more oil in Sri Lanka: the country has no foreign exchange to pay for further oil imports, the new head of government explained. The supplies were only enough for one day. Sri Lanka is in the middle of the worst economic crisis in its history. Source: © […]

With an oil embargo against Russia, the EU destroys its own energy security — RT EN

Without clear alternatives and with energy prices rising, the planned sanctions in the energy sector are likely to harm the European Union itself more than Russia. This makes this part of the European continent even weaker, poorer and more vulnerable. An analysis by Timur Fomenko The European Union (EU) last week announced ambitious suggestions to […]

Oil embargo, but not completely and not for everyone — RT EN

An analysis by Gevorg Mirsayan The package of sanctions against Russia recently recommended by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen consists of both traditionally demonstrative actions and, at the same time, quite painful blows. And these are painful for Russia, but also for the European Union itself. The demonstrative actions include the drawing up […]

Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer critical of embargo on Russian oil — RT DE

It is slowly dawning on one or the other politician: without Russian oil and gas, the lights could go out in Germany by autumn at the latest. On Wednesday, Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer was critical of an embargo on Russian raw materials and asked who was actually suffering most from the sanctions. Saxony’s Prime […]

First arms deliveries to war zones, now oil production in the Wadden Sea — RT DE

The Greens are generally regarded as a pacifist and, above all, environmentally conscious party. At the moment, however, politicians and voters alike are surprising with active support for former taboo topics. In the most recent case, the Schleswig-Holstein Greens want to approve previously opposed oil production in the Wadden Sea. The party’s election result from […]

Not just PCK Schwedt – Bulgaria too warns of oil embargo — RT DE

In Kyiv, five subway stations are to be renamed in the course of “derussification” – as well as renaming of streets A TASS report according to In the Ukrainian capital, the metro stations “Beresteyskaya” in “Buchanskaya” (after the suburb of Bucha), “Lev Tolstoy Square” in “Vassily Stus Square” (after the Ukrainian-Soviet dissident), “Heroes of the […]