Oil prices continue to rise sharply – Libya halts oil shipments — RT EN

2 July 2022 06:30 am Inflation is currently at record highs in the eurozone. It is primarily driven by energy prices. On Friday there was a further increase in the price of oil. The causes also include the long-term consequences of the military intervention in Libya in 2011. Source: www.globallookpress.com © Thomas Imo/ photothek/ imago-images/ […]

Protests in Poland again over high prices — RT DE

For months now, the national conservative PiS government has had one person to blame for problems such as rising inflation in Poland: Vladimir Putin. Economists and other Polish experts assess the situation in a more differentiated way. Due to historically high price increases, especially for food and petrol, there are further protests in Poland. In […]

“Billion-dollar subsidy program” for the mineral oil industry – high fuel prices despite tank discounts — RT DE

In view of the horrendous fuel prices even after the tax cut, there are increasing numbers of critical voices who consider the benefit to be a mistake. At the same time, the call for an excess profit tax, with which other countries are already collecting taxes on the high profits of the profiteers, is getting […]

“Consumer prices will continue to rise” — RT DE

Consumers in Germany must reckon with further increases in food prices. At least the security of supply is probably still given for this year. For 2023, however, the German Farmers’ Association is less optimistic. According to the President of the German Farmers’ Association, Joachim Rukwied, the Ukraine war was having “massive effects on German agriculture”, […]

Supply fears continue to drive up oil prices — RT DE

6 June 2022 9:43 p.m The world’s largest oil production company based in Saudi Arabia announced a surprisingly large price increase. Analysts are assuming that oil prices will continue to rise despite announced increases in production. Source: www.globallookpress.com © IMAGO/Christoph Hardt Saudi Arabian oil and gas giant Saudi Aramco has unexpectedly raised its selling prices […]