Corona case numbers explode: Russians are not supposed to go to work for a week

The corona situation in Russia threatens to get out of control. President Putin is now taking a drastic measure: all employees should stay at home for a week with full wages. In the meantime, the load limit has already been exceeded at some hospitals. In view of the dramatically high number of corona infections, Russian […]

Afghanistan conference in Moscow: Russia praises Taliban’s efforts

After the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, Russia wants to expand its influence in the region. Foreign Minister Lavrov praised the cooperation with the Taliban at a conference in Moscow. However, he attaches further conditions to recognition of the new rulers in Kabul. According to the Kremlin, the Taliban ruling in Afghanistan are trying […]

"Martyrs and heroes": Taliban pay tribute to suicide bombers

Attacks have continued and the number of victims has risen since the Taliban came to power. Now the appointed Minister of the Interior, Hakkani, pays tribute to those supporters who lose their lives in suicide bombings. He calls them heroes and donates to bereaved families. The radical Islamic Taliban paid tribute to suicide bombers who […]

Von der Leyen puzzled: EU: Gazprom ignores higher demand

Europe is groaning under the heated gas market. The Russian supplier Gazprom complies with the terms of the contract with the EU, but does not react differently than usual to a higher demand, complains EU Commission chief von der Leyen. The background could be the dispute over Nord Stream 2. According to EU Commission President […]

She sees Russia’s poker game: Baerbock against operating permit for Nord Stream 2

Russian President Putin is using the gas crisis in Europe to promote the rapid commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline. The Greens boss Baerbock speaks out against granting the operating permit. European law does not allow that at all. Green leader Annalena Baerbock has given Russia joint responsibility for the high gas […]

Person of the week: Lukashenko: Belarus’ dictator sells the Germany ticket

Lukashenko organizes a systematic mass exodus of people from the Near and Middle East to Germany. The federal police are sounding the alarm. Berlin seems open to blackmail and fears a rush like 2015. The new traffic light government is facing plenty of explosives in terms of foreign policy. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas finds unusually […]

Discuss energy needs globally: Merkel: China needs gas until 2060

The industrialized nations are struggling to take measures against high energy prices. The scarce supply on the gas market could also become a problem in the coming years. Chancellor Merkel is therefore calling for an international agreement on gas requirements – because this is likely to turn out very differently in the future. Chancellor Angela […]