Drugs lab dismantled at suspected NATO nuclear weapons base — RT EN

The Belgian police raided the Kleine-Brogel military base and discovered an illegal facility. Security forces raided a drug lab at the suspected NATO nuclear weapons base. Two suspects have been arrested. Belgian law enforcement agencies have an illegal drug lab on the grounds of the NATO military airfield Kleine-Brogel excavated in the northeast of the […]

Arming Kyiv with nuclear weapons would be a disaster for the whole world — RT DE

A commentary by Scott Ritter Former Polish foreign minister and current MEP Radosław Sikorski recently suggested that the west should supply nuclear weapons to Ukraine so that it “can defend its independence”. Sikorski’s argument is based on a fundamentally misunderstanding of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, which sealed Ukraine’s accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and […]

Risk of nuclear weapons use reaches highest level since Cold War — RT EN

Experts at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) say the risk of using nuclear weapons has never been higher since the Cold War. Over the next decade, the nuclear weapons depot is only expected to grow. The Stockholm peace research institute SIPRI’s annual report, published on the organization’s website on June 13, speaks of […]

US obstructing Biological Weapons Convention control procedures since 2001 — RT EN

Washington is launching an information campaign to justify its military-biological activity in the post-Soviet space, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Russia, on the other hand, calls on the USA to comply with the obligations under the biological weapons agreement. Washington’s assurances that the work of US biolaboratories in Ukraine is exclusively peaceful […]

“Eliminate Before Deploying!” What do western weapons bring to Ukraine? — RT DE

by Alexei Savassin and Elisaveta Komarova London becomes the Ukrainian Armed Forces M270 rocket launcher and hand over suitable ammunition. The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain declared the decision to supply this MLRS [M270: Multiple Launch Rocket System Mehrfachraketenwerfer-Artilleriesystem auf Kettenfahrgestell] was made in close consultation with the USA, as well as that of […]