Germany opposes EU green label for nuclear power — RT EN

The European dispute over the promotion of nuclear energy and its classification as climate-neutral continues: Germany has again announced that it will veto the European Commission’s proposal for a resolution that would favor the construction of nuclear power plants. As announced, Germany will speak out against a sustainability label for nuclear power proposed by the […]

If the US really fears a nuclear Iran, it should rejoin the nuclear deal — RT DE

The prospect of a nuclear-armed Middle East underscores the need for more diplomacy, not less. Otherwise, it could lead to further deterioration in global security and increased resentment against Washington. A commentary by Bradley Blankenship The White House expressed on April 26 his concern that Iran is allegedly accelerating its nuclear program. And it said […]

America is pushing Europe into nuclear war — RT EN

In an article in the Swiss Weltwoche, former left-wing politician Oskar Lafontaine explains that a negotiated peace with Moscow – against US resistance – is becoming increasingly urgent. Otherwise the danger of a nuclear war would increase. Oskar Lafontaine, former top politician, most recently of the Left Party, with which he is now closed recently […]