When factories become museums – deindustrialization escalates with energy crisis — RT EN

28 Sep 2022 06:15 am The industrial revolution once began in Europe. In the last 40 years, many governments in Europe have been counting on the end of industry and the rise of services, until the swing towards industry came again – but with current energy prices, companies are migrating. Guest Commentary by Dr. Karin […]

Tens of thousands protest against high energy prices and anti-Russian sanctions — RT EN

27 Sep 2022 07:10 am This week, too, numerous people are taking to the streets to demonstrate against the anti-Russian sanctions and the Corona policy of the traffic light coalition in Berlin. The focus was again East Germany. Source: www.globallookpress.com © Bodo Schackow On Monday, tens of thousands of people again took to the streets […]

Bogus reports on “bogus referendums” – A German energy manager is said to lose his job — RT DE

26 Sep 2022 4:31 p.m Almost all German mainstream media agree that the referendums carried out by Russia in the Donbass are “sham referendums”. The NDR even explained to me why this is so. Meanwhile, an election observer was probably unceremoniously fired from his job. By TJ Wellbrock How do you recognize a sham referendum? […]

“No milk without gas” – farmers’ association and suppliers warn of consequences of the energy crisis — RT DE

16 Sep 2022 11:09 am Municipal energy suppliers warned on Thursday about the consequences of high energy prices. Farmers also made their concerns about falling yields and production interruptions clear. The president of the association warned: “Without gas, no milk, no butter, no yoghurt.” Municipal energy suppliers in Bavaria warned on Thursday that one in […]

Stadtwerke warn of payment defaults and insolvencies due to high energy and electricity prices — RT DE

15 Sep 2022 06:15 am The exorbitant prices for electricity and gas are not only a burden for consumers. Public utilities are also threatened with insolvency, says Ingbert Liebing, general manager of the Association of Municipal Enterprises (VKU). In view of the high burdens caused by the energy crisis and inflation, the municipal utilities in […]

“Direct capital increase” for Uniper under discussion – federal government could take majority in energy group – RT DE

14 Sep 2022 4:56 p.m Germany’s most important gas importer is in financial difficulties. The company needs to supply gas, but at the moment supplies from Russia have stopped and prices on the market have skyrocketed. Uniper is already receiving state aid – and is negotiating more. The gas importer Uniper is in financial trouble. […]