With an oil embargo against Russia, the EU destroys its own energy security — RT EN

Without clear alternatives and with energy prices rising, the planned sanctions in the energy sector are likely to harm the European Union itself more than Russia. This makes this part of the European continent even weaker, poorer and more vulnerable. An analysis by Timur Fomenko The European Union (EU) last week announced ambitious suggestions to […]

Bottleneck instead of energy transition – Europe facing a critical shortage of raw materials — RT DE

Apr 29, 2022 6:15 am Wind turbines, power grids, electric vehicles – the abandonment of oil, gas and coal should also succeed through a massive expansion of renewable energies. According to a study, however, Europe will face critical bottlenecks in the materials required for this over the next 15 years. Aluminum, cobalt, copper, nickel and […]

Lithium, the gold of the energy transition – Four Latin American countries have the largest reserves — RT EN

23 Apr 2022 7:29 p.m By Edgar Romero G. Lithium, often referred to as white gold, has attracted exceptional interest in many countries around the world in recent years. Although it has been commercially produced since 1923, initially used primarily in medicine, construction, and industry, interest in this metal today stems from its importance in […]