Authorities of Ukraine’s Kherson region want incorporation into Russian state — RT EN

May 11, 2022 4:08 p.m The authorities of the Kherson region in southern Ukraine want to turn to the Russian President with a request to incorporate the region into the Russian state. This was announced by the Vice-Chairman of the regional military-civilian administration on Wednesday. Source: Sputnik © Konstantin Mihalchevsky According to Kirill Stremusov, deputy […]

Enemy state Germany – No peace treaty, but involvement in US and NATO aggression — RT DE

30 Apr 2022 4:14 pm By Wolfgang Bittner Quite a few people are surprised at the aggression emanating from the Berlin government against Russia. Obviously there are guidelines from Washington. But why is the federal government going, why is Chancellor Olaf Scholz going into this? It is important to know that Germany has not only […]

AfD parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament fails with a motion to abolish compulsory nursing vaccination — RT DE

25 Apr 2022 4:36 pm What happens next with compulsory vaccination in nursing? That was the question asked by the Saxon AfD parliamentary group in Dresden on Monday. However, a motion to abolish the controversial encroachment on physical integrity was rejected by all other parties in the Saxon state parliament. The parliamentary group of the […]

Berlin state security organs are investigating Paul Brandenburg — RT DE

Apr 24, 2022 6:09 p.m In the capital Berlin, nervousness seems to be increasing in some government offices. Because against the publicist Paul Brandenburg is determined because of his public statements. These apparently classify the bodies working under the collective term “state protection” as beyond the permissible. There can’t be any better confirmation that Brandenburg […]

China’s state news agency accuses Washington of “financial terrorism” — RT EN

22 Apr 2022 3:07 pm In a commentary, China’s official news agency accused the US of arbitrarily using its hegemonic position in the international financial system and dollar dominance as a weapon against other states. But that would ultimately lead to the collapse of this system. The official Chinese news agency Xinhua has published a […]

Ukraine wants access to frozen Russian state funds for reconstruction — RT EN

22 Apr 2022 09:22 am According to the Ukrainian authorities, up to 30 percent of the country’s infrastructure has been damaged as a result of the Russian military operation. Kyiv wants to obtain access to frozen Russian state funds for reconstruction, as the Minister of Justice announced. According to Ukrainian Justice Minister Denys Maljuska, Kyiv […]