‘Unfriendly’ – Buddhist leader in Russia on Pope’s statement about Buryats — RT EN

29 Nov 2022 10:09 am In an interview, Pope Francis called Chechens and Buryats “the most brutal part of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine”. But it’s not about brutality, it’s about bravery, contradicts the head of Russia’s Buddhists. The statements of Pope Francis in one interview with the religious magazine America caused violent reactions […]

The Hypocrisy of the West — RT DE

29 Nov 2022 09:12 am The record of the West’s wars underscores the hypocrisy of the US and the European Union, which are quick to pose as defenders of Ukrainian widows and orphans and of Ukrainian national integrity and sovereignty, writes Pierre Lévy. By Pierre Levy Wednesday, March 24, 1999. A NATO air force storms […]

Ukrainian nationalists attack Russian speakers — RT EN

29 Nov 2022 8:17 am In Berlin-Friedrichshain, Ukrainian nationalists physically attacked two people, as reported by Junge Welt. The presumed reason for the aggression: One of the attacked spoke Russian. The police are investigating. Source: AFP © STR / UKRAINIAN PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SERVICE Two Berliners were beaten up in the Friedrichshain district because they exchanged […]

How to circumvent oil sanctions — RT EN

29 Nov 2022 06:30 am Latvia, Estonia and Poland have recently threatened to reject the proposed price cap for Russian crude oil and thus block the European Union’s eighth package of sanctions. Estonia even announced a veto against it. Is this about loyalty to NATO or personal economic interests? By Maria Mueller The European Union […]

Steinmeier calls for respect for freedom to demonstrate – in China — RT EN

28 Nov 2022 10:18 pm In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his understanding of the protests against the corona measures in China. Numerous users on social media have now accused him of double standards and hypocrisy. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has shown understanding for the protests in China because of […]