US would ‘support’ idea of ​​another European military bloc — RT EN

A recent media report said that London was striving to establish a “European Commonwealth”. In addition to Great Britain, the alliance should include Ukraine and some EU countries. According to a US envoy, Washington would support such an alliance. The US Permanent Representative to NATO Julianne Smith declared on Tuesday that Washington would “support” the […]

China pledges support to Russia — RT EN

Beijing will continue to work with Moscow on sovereignty and security issues. This was announced by the Chinese President during a phone call with the Russian head of state. We are ready to strengthen cooperation in international organizations. Chinese President Xi Jinping told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a telephone call on Wednesday that […]

US Department of Defense confirms support for “46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories” — RT EN

In a Pentagon release, the US Department of Defense now announces that the US has operated 46 biolabs in Ukraine over the past 20 years, but these are solely for “peaceful efforts,” including to “improve nuclear and chemical safety” and to prepare for possible pandemics. On June 9th published The Pentagon posted a statement on […]

US wants to support “civic activities” in Serbia with up to 10 million US dollars — RT DE

According to Washington, it wants to support Serbia on its way to EU membership. The US agency for development cooperation, USAID, will provide financial support for “civic activities” in the Balkan country. The US Embassy in Belgrade offers scholarships. The US agency for development cooperation USAID will spend from four to almost ten million US […]

US ready to provide military support to new NATO accession candidates — RT EN

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced that the United States is ready to provide military support to NATO accession candidates Sweden and Finland if necessary. He stressed that it is none of Moscow’s business whether countries join NATO or not. On Sunday, both Finland and Sweden officially announced their intention to join NATO – despite multiple […]

We support strategic self-reliance of Europe — RT DE

During a telephone conversation, China’s head of state reaffirmed his country’s commitment to relations with Germany, which Beijing wants to expand further. He also urged the European states to be more independent. Chinese President Xi Jinping held a digital meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday, China’s Xinhua News Agency reported. China’s leader reiterated that […]