Crisis profiteer and tax avoider Amazon collects billions in subsidies — RT DE

10 Feb 2022 7:31 am The US company Amazon, worth billions, has been under criticism for a long time, not only because the company tramples on workers’ rights worldwide, but also because it avoids taxes despite record sales. Amazon, “the $1.4 trillion tech juggernaut and notorious tax dodger,” is aggressively grabbing taxpayers’ money, not just […]

SEK storms wrong apartment – and offers Amazon voucher as compensation — RT DE

9 Feb 2022 1:35 p.m As the newspaper “WOZ” reports, the police in Essen have made a double lapse. First a special task force (SEK) stormed the wrong apartment – ​​then the person concerned should receive an Amazon voucher as “compensation”. According to a report by WOZ, a special task force (SEK) stormed the apartment […]

Rotterdam plans to dismantle historic bridge for Amazon founders — RT EN

3 Feb 2022 3:40 p.m Because Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ superyacht cannot fit under the historic Koningshaven Bridge, the authorities in Rotterdam have agreed to temporarily dismantle it. However, Bezos promised that he would pay for it. The townspeople are outraged. The US billionaire Jeff Bezos is again under criticism. The reason is his gigantic […]