One third of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany related to Corona — RT DE

The research and information center for anti-Semitism in Berlin reported 2,738 anti-Semitic incidents nationwide in 2021. The corona pandemic with “anti-Jewish conspiracy stories” played a major role in this. The Arab-Israeli conflict represents a “high potential threat”. The Jewish community in Germany is considered the third largest in Europe. belong in the Federal Republic currently […]

Virologist Streeck leads the first corona immunity study for Germany — RT DE

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Research, the virologist Hendrik Streeck will lead the first nationwide representative study on the subject of overall immunity in the population against SARS-CoV-2. The study should also determine the so-called vaccination gaps. At the end of last week it was announced that the Institute of Virology at the […]

Consequence of vaccination? Drastic fall in the birth rate in Germany — RT DE

According to official figures, the number of live births in Germany has fallen significantly since the beginning of 2022. The scientist Stefan Homburg suspects that the reason for the drop in births is the vaccination rate among middle-aged people, which increased drastically a year ago. The number of live births in Germany has apparently decreased […]

After 80 years of reticence, Germany must become ‘leading power’ again — RT DE

21 June 2022 8:32 p.m SPD leader Lars Klingbeil believes that Germany should claim to be a “leading power” in the debate about its role in the world. “We should fulfill this expectation that we have,” demands the SPD politician. Source: © Kay Nietfeld According to SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil, “after almost 80 years […]

Russia’s EU ambassador warns of a possible “gas catastrophe” for Germany — RT DE

16 June 2022 15:08 Problems with repairing gas turbines for Nord Stream 1 could lead to a complete shutdown of the pipeline, Russia’s permanent representative to the European Union warned on Thursday. For Germany this would be “a catastrophe”. Source: Sputnik © Vladimir Astapkovich A gas turbine from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline cannot currently […]