Ukrainian hackers attack Russian payment system Mir — RT DE

24 Sep 2022 2:13 p.m Not only the US is attacking the Russian Mir payment system – with sanctions against foreign banks that cooperate with Russia. Ukrainian hackers are also launching powerful attacks, the newspaper Kommersant reports. Source: © Morris MacMatzen After it became known that some pro-Russian countries may refuse to cooperate with […]

Zelensky appoints new Ukrainian ambassador to Germany — RT DE

23 Sep 2022 6:08 p.m Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has appointed a new ambassador to Germany in Alexei Makeyev. The corresponding decree was published on Friday on the website of the head of state. The 46-year-old career diplomat succeeds the previous ambassador Andriy Melnyk. Makeev was Makeyev, born in 1975, studied diplomacy and international relations […]

Ukrainian terrorist in Novaya Kakhovka in Kherson region finds no accomplices in act of sabotage — RT EN

23 Sep 2022 11:41 am A Ukrainian terrorist has not been able to find any accomplices for an act of sabotage in Novaya Kakhovka in the former Ukrainian region of Kherson. Potential candidates have refused because they are better off in Russia, the arrested man explained in an interview. The one used by some western […]

Ukrainian attack rips civilians apart in Donetsk: 13 dead (warning: disturbing video)

It was a sunny morning in Donetsk, and many residents were quietly going about their daily business, including at Bakinskich Komissarov Square in Kuibyshev District. But this busy place was turned into a deadly trap for passers-by by artillery fire in a matter of seconds: thirteen people died. In addition to the rescuers, local reporters […]

‘Must cede territory’ – Ex-Romanian foreign minister questions validity of Ukrainian borders — RT EN

18 Sep 2022 12:24 p.m The former Romanian foreign minister has spoken of Ukraine’s “unnatural” borders and has called on the country to cede parts of its territory to Russia, Hungary, Romania and Poland. Former Romanian Foreign and Education Minister Andrei Marga, presenting his new book The Fate of Democracy, expressed his opinion that Ukraine’s […]

Ukrainian drone attack? – Russian journalists survive in burning car — RT DE

15 Sep 2022 4:18 p.m A camera team from the Moscow broadcaster “TV-Zentr” survived a suspected Ukrainian attack on their vehicle on Thursday. The journalists and their driver were pulled out of the burning car after an explosion. Three out of four members of the group suffered bruises and abrasions. © TVZ After an alleged […]