Are pediatric practices threatened with massive overload in autumn? Infection protection law is being tightened — RT DE

2 Sep 2022 9:13 p.m The content of a warning letter from the professional association of paediatricians contains explosive material for schools, kindergartens and parents. The “traffic light” government wants to enshrine regulations in the IfSG, largely unnoticed, which, after only the suspicion of a possible corona infection, only allow a return to daycare or […]

Russia prepares law on conditions of entry and stay of foreigners — RT DE

27 Aug 2022 10:09 am According to former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Russia is working on a new “comprehensive law” to regulate entry and exit conditions for foreigners. This is due to security concerns, among other things. Russia is working on a new “comprehensive law” that will regulate the conditions for the entry and exit […]

Even a simple “like” can be punishable by law — RT DE

24 Aug 2022 5:49 p.m The district court of Meiningen found in a decision that a Facebook user had made himself punishable by a “Like”, as the technology portal “Chip” reports. The “like” referred to a contribution to the double police murder in the Kusel district. As the editorial technology and consumer portal Chip has […]

Dialogue and compromise – yes, violation of international law – no! — RT DE

19 Aug 2022 12:00 p.m According to some analysts, Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti is using the war in Ukraine to further discredit Serbia – on behalf of Western politicians. The provocations are intended to induce Belgrade to recognize Kosovo’s independence. by Marinko Ucur Tensions on the administrative line between Serbia and the self-proclaimed “state” […]

“Banana Republic” USA? FBI crackdown on Trump shows whose side the law is really on — RT DE

14 Aug 2022 8:19 p.m This week, Americans were shown again that the balance of justice has tipped sharply in favor of half the country. Evidence of this are comparisons to similar allegations against members of the Democratic Party, which never had an aftermath. by Robert Bridge A political shift is underway in the United […]