Iranian general threatens to destroy Tel Aviv — RT EN

The commander of Iran’s ground forces warned the Israeli government against “miscalculations” that could lead the Iranian army to “raze” Israeli cities. Iranian Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari, commander of the Iranian Armed Forces’ Ground Forces, on Tuesday warned the Israeli government that any “mistakes in dealing with Iran” could lead to the destruction of the […]

Russia embargo would destroy Germany — RT DE

An embargo on Russian oil and natural gas is still being discussed in Germany. Numerous voices have already warned of the economically fatal consequences for Germany, including Alice Weidel, leader of the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag. The debate about the embargo on Russian oil and natural gas planned by the federal government remains […]

Russian troops destroy positions of Ukrainian forces at Azov steel plant — RT EN

3 May 2022 3:22 p.m Today, Azov Battalion fighters and Ukrainian soldiers tried to break into the firing position during the ceasefire at the Azov Steel Plant in Mariupol. Russian forces and DPR forces then opened fire. Source: Sputnik © Alexei Kudenko Fighters from the Azov nationalist battalion and Ukrainian troops have used the ceasefire […]

The West wants to ‘destroy’ Russia — RT EN

9 Apr 2022 10:30 p.m Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has denounced attempts to start “a major war” with Moscow. The West wants a war to “dismember” Russia and end hopes for a multipolar world. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has accused the West of wanting to “dismember” Russia while sweeping sanctions were imposed on Moscow over […]

WHO recommends Ukraine destroy dangerous pathogens in laboratories — RT EN

11 mar 2022 8:26 am To prevent a release, the WHO recommends that Ukraine destroy dangerous pathogens in the country’s biological laboratories. Russia declares that Ukraine has developed biological weapons with the help of the United States. Kyiv and Washington deny this. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that Ukraine’s authorities destroy “highly dangerous […]

The West works to destroy Russia (video) — RT EN

20 Feb 2022 2:00 p.m No historical issue has so poisoned relations between Moscow and the West since the 1990s as NATO’s eastward expansion. Now a document refutes NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s claim that such a promise never existed. We spoke to the German lawyer and politician Willy Wimmer (CDU) about the consequences of […]

NATO countries train in Germany to destroy Russian air defense systems: "against the enemy"

The largely unknown trinational exercise facility MAEWTF Polygone (Multinational Aircrew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility Polygone) is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful natural recreation and tourism regions in south-west Germany. This “Electronic Combat” training facility, which is unique on European soil, will be Status report WD 2 – 3000 – 114/17 […]