Zakharova calls Europe’s possible abandonment of Russian oil suicide — RT EN

Authors: Alexander Karpov, Aloena Medvedeva The EU’s refusal of Russian oil supplies under the sixth sanctions package is becoming suicide for the EU. This was stated by the Russian diplomat and press secretary Maria Zakharova. Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, reported that the EU’s complete and immediate cancellation of […]

Why Zelensky’s vision for Ukraine as ‘big Israel’ jeopardizes Europe’s security — RT EN

15 Apr 2022 3:44 pm President Zelensky not only draws questionable parallels between the Holocaust and “war crimes” in Ukraine. He also dreams of making Ukraine a “big Israel” in Europe. Paradoxically, this reinforces the Russian narrative used to justify the military operation in Ukraine. by Seyed Alireza Mousavi In the course of the Ukraine […]

Europe’s gas reserves at record low — RT EN

31 Jan 2022 21:35 Gas reserves in European storage facilities fell to historically low levels in January. According to statistics, they are now less than 40 percent full, while more than four-fifths of the gas pumped during the summer season has already been used. According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, the volume of active gas in […]