US attempts to dominate the world are in vain — RT EN

5 Aug 2022 6:08 pm The Russian foreign minister has called US attempts to dominate the world unsuccessful. In his opinion, Washington has embarked on a course of suppressing the independence of other states. Moscow believes that the future belongs to sovereign states. The orientation of US policy towards dominating all parts of the world […]

Governments around the world are demanding more censorship and Twitter user data — RT EN

Social media company Twitter received 60,000 requests from governments around the world last year to disclose Twitter users’ data or remove content. According to the company, this is intended to silence people. Microblogging service Twitter warned its users that governments around the world were increasingly asking the company to remove content or spy on private […]

“A new stage in world history is upon us” — RT EN

The golden billion model, in which only the population of the developed countries has an advantage, is unfair. This was announced by the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin. This principle is basically racist and will soon come to an end. A new era is approaching. The so-called “golden billion” (developed countries) have achieved their […]

Isolation of Russia in the world is wishful thinking on the part of the US — RT EN

Russia’s embassy in the US has dismissed the US State Department’s claim that Russia is isolated as wishful thinking. The country continues to take part in international events and even in the West one increasingly sees no alternative to negotiations. The US State Department’s claim that Russia is economically, politically, culturally and diplomatically internationally isolated […]

France doesn’t want another world war — RT EN

French President Emmanuel Macron said France wanted to end the conflict in Ukraine and warned it could escalate into a new world war. At the same time, he did not rule out that combat operations could drag on. France wants to prevent the Ukraine war from escalating into a new world war and is striving […]

‘Fear is beginning to rule the world’ – UN expert slams Western sanctions — RT DE

Western countries like to justify their unilateral sanctions with democracy and human rights. However, the UN expert on sanctions contradicts this – according to her, the basic rights of citizens are curtailed by the coercive measures. Alena Douhan, the United Nations special rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the exercise of […]