Person of the week: Lukashenko: Belarus’ dictator sells the Germany ticket

Lukashenko organizes a systematic mass exodus of people from the Near and Middle East to Germany. The federal police are sounding the alarm. Berlin seems open to blackmail and fears a rush like 2015. The new traffic light government is facing plenty of explosives in terms of foreign policy. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas finds unusually […]

The police are searching publicly: 11-year-old girl is missing in Bavaria

On Saturday afternoon, 11-year-old Shalomah Hennigfeld does not return from her jogging session. The police are looking for the girl with a large contingent. Her foster father suspects that her parents may be responsible for her disappearance. In Holzheim-Dillingen, Bavaria, 11-year-old Shalomah Hennigfeld has been missing since Saturday. The police in the district of Dillingen […]