‘Not fans of RT, but…’ – Dutch journalists set to challenge RT ban in court — RT DE

A coalition of Dutch journalists, Internet service providers and civil society groups want to take action against the EU-wide ban on broadcasting RT and Sputnik. The group wants to challenge the Brussels decision before the European Court of Justice. On Monday, a coalition of Dutch journalists, internet service providers and civil society groups announced they […]

Attack on Russian journalists in Berlin — RT DE

7 May 2022 18:47 On Friday, unknown persons attacked a residential building in Berlin where Russian journalists from the RIA Novosti agency live. Despite the explosiveness of this attack, the German media reports very sparsely or not at all. The head of the media group “Rossiya Sevodnya”, Sergei Feoktistov, gives more details. On Friday evening, […]

Attack on prominent Russian journalists on behalf of Ukraine foiled — RT EN

25 Apr 2022 8:18 pm The Russian President informed on Monday about Ukrainian plans to assassinate a top Russian journalist. The FSB had already foiled a terrorist attack. Indirectly, Vladimir Putin blamed the US secret services as “advisors”. A terrorist attack on the well-known TV journalist Vladimir Solovyov has been foiled in Russia. This was […]

Biden government denies US journalists access to US troops in Europe — RT EN

10 Feb 2022 9:45 p.m The Biden government has banned “trusted” military reporters from the US press from accessing the 3,000 US soldiers recently deployed to Europe in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. The press association responsible for the US Department of Defense has now sharply criticized this decision and in a letter reminded […]