Israeli journalists lament ‘humiliation’ at World Cup in Qatar — RT DE

28 Nov 2022 4:27 pm Israeli sportswriters report humiliation at the World Cup in Qatar as Middle Eastern football fans refuse to speak to them. In recent years, Israel has signed agreements with four Arab countries to normalize relations. Israeli reporters covering the World Cup in Qatar have complained of “humiliation” and “hatred” as soccer […]

Order of Merit for four German journalists – by order of the President — RT DE

16 Nov 2022 11:35 am President Zelensky personally initiated the corresponding decree. The picture editor Julian Röpcke, who recently killed Russian soldiers as “fertilizer”, is also one of the recipients of the medal. The official Message on the website of the Ukrainian government reads: “Decree of the President of Ukraine №752/2022”. Vladimir Zelensky personally determined […]

Ukrainian armed forces revoke accreditations of CNN and Sky News journalists — RT EN

14 Nov 2022 12:09 p.m The Ukrainian military has revoked the accreditation of Sky News and CNN reporters to report from Kherson. The journalists worked in the city without the consent of the troops before the “stabilization measures” were completed. The Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Facebook that several journalists had their accreditations revoked […]

Ukraine won’t let journalists into Kherson amid fears of civilian shootings — RT DE

12 Nov 2022 6:25 p.m Ukraine is not allowing journalists into the settlements that have come under Ukrainian control in Kherson in recent days. The Ukrainian journalist and blogger Anatoly Shary reports on shootings and fears that the media lockout serves to cover up war crimes. Since the Russian army withdrew from Cherson in the […]

Deadly shelling of civilian crossing in Kherson – Four victims including two journalists — RT DE

21 Oct 2022 7:39 p.m According to the authorities, four people were killed and several injured in a rocket fire on the Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson. Surviving journalists speak out and report a targeted attack. According to Kherson local authorities, Ukrainian forces shelled a civilian river crossing in Kherson late Thursday. The attack reportedly used […]

Contest open for journalists and bloggers covering Russia — RT EN

21 Oct 2022 07:55 am The Russian agency Rossotrudnichestvo launches the competition “The Honest View Media Award”. It is aimed at journalists, authors and bloggers who report on Russia. The works can still be submitted until November 1st. Source: © Mihajlo Maricic The Russian Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad […]

Ukrainian drone attack? – Russian journalists survive in burning car — RT DE

15 Sep 2022 4:18 p.m A camera team from the Moscow broadcaster “TV-Zentr” survived a suspected Ukrainian attack on their vehicle on Thursday. The journalists and their driver were pulled out of the burning car after an explosion. Three out of four members of the group suffered bruises and abrasions. © TVZ After an alleged […]

Murder call against Putin – Attorney Haintz files criminal charges against Bild journalists — RT DE

30 Aug 2022 7:17 am Attorney Markus Haintz has filed a criminal complaint against Bild journalist Hans-Ulrich Jörges. He had called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with RT DE, Haintz explains his motives. Why is a call for assassination against US President Joe Biden prosecuted while a call for […]

Causa above the clouds – politicians and journalists on Canada flight without masks — RT DE

23 Aug 2022 3:00 p.m By Bernhard Loyen A larger delegation in a government machine is currently causing irritation, scorn and ridicule to anger and incomprehension among the citizens. The reason can be found in the aloof carelessness of the accompanying, reporting media. A complete aircraft, according to the German Press Agency (dpa) “more than […]