Ex-Trump adviser accuses Biden of lack of determination — RT EN

2 Aug 2022 4:24 p.m Former Trump adviser John Bolton said Joe Biden lacked political resolve. He added that this, coupled with Germany’s and France’s indecisiveness, bodes little well for Ukraine if hostilities continue. John Bolton, former US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, has accused incumbent US Prime Minister Joe Biden and his administration […]

Courting for more oil – US President Biden needs Saudi Arabia’s help in Ukraine war — RT EN

The fact that the purpose of the US President’s four-day tour of the Middle East was to involve Israel in the region is nothing more than a political diversion from the main reason for this trip to the region. In reality, Biden’s trip is primarily about persuading Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production during […]

No longer a key NATO ally – Biden delists Afghanistan — RT EN

Almost a year after the Taliban took power, US President Joe Biden wants to officially remove Afghanistan’s classification as a “key non-NATO ally”. He briefed Congress on Wednesday. Washington granted Afghanistan this status in 2012. US President Joe Biden told Congress on Wednesday that he will formally remove Afghanistan’s status as a “key non-NATO ally.” […]