Chinese fighter jets and bombers intercepted off southwest coast — RT EN

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, Taiwanese jets intercepted a Chinese squadron of 29 military aircraft. According to Taipei, it is said to be the third largest incident in Taiwan’s air defense zone this year. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Taiwanese interceptors intercepted 29 Chinese warplanes, bombers and support planes off the island’s southwestern coast on Tuesday. […]

US could scrap tariffs on some Chinese goods — RT EN

Inflation in the US hit a 40-year high last month. According to the US Secretary of Commerce, US President Joe Biden is now even considering abolishing tariffs on goods from China that were imposed under ex-President Donald Trump. US President Joe Biden has instructed his administration to consider lifting some tariffs on imports from China […]

Dangerous confrontations between Chinese and Western military planes in the sea around China — RT EN

In parallel with the growing geopolitical tensions between a number of Western countries, including Australia and the US, and China, the number of potentially dangerous confrontations between the armed forces involved is increasing. A few days ago there was a confrontation between Chinese and Western military aircraft in the sea area around China, as Chinese […]

The Chinese love the Russians — RT EN

While one wave of Russophobia follows the other in Europe and Europeans do not give Russia a good hair in all opinion polls, a message of love is coming from the other corner of the world. The Chinese see Russia as an attractive partner. Will the Russian elite have the courage to see their European […]