‘China is seriously concerned’ – Beijing criticizes NATO’s new strategy concept — RT EN

China was explicitly mentioned as a threat for the first time in NATO’s new “Strategic Concept”, which, along with the NATO treaty, is its most important document and sets out the strategic orientation of the military alliance. China sharply criticized NATO’s new “Strategic Concept” on Thursday, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported. For the […]

Beijing accuses US Secretary of State of “slandering China” — RT EN

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the US Secretary of State allegedly slandered Beijing in a speech. Blinken’s appearance shows Washington’s efforts to “contain and suppress China’s development”. In this way, the USA wanted to preserve its own hegemony. On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry slammed US Secretary of State Antony Blinken for “slandering the […]

Beijing denies military base plans – Australia calls for war readiness — RT EN

26 Apr 2022 8:17 am Western states are warning against the establishment of a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands, citing a draft treaty published at the suggestion of the Australian secret service. But both the island government and Beijing deny that. Beijing has dismissed claims by Australia and the United States that China […]

Beijing rejects anti-Russian sanctions, cites international community stance — RT EN

29 Mar 2022 6:15 p.m Once again, the Chinese government has clearly rejected demands from Western countries to impose sanctions on Russia. Such sanctions, like others imposed by the West, are contrary to international law. A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday urged the United States to take China’s concerns in dealing with the […]

Beijing warns other powers against meddling in Taiwan — RT EN

6 mar 2022 1:11 p.m China’s prime minister warned other states not to interfere in Taiwan-related issues during an important speech before the People’s Congress. These are Beijing’s internal affairs. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has warned against separatist movements and foreign interference in Taiwan. China wants to establish peaceful ties and eventually achieve reunification with […]