How the former military power destroyed itself with the Woke ideology — RT EN

28 Sep 2022 9:44 p.m In the US, the Woke ideology has now infiltrated the once-respected Air Force Academy. There, the prospective officers are now required to speak gender-appropriately and to avoid “microaggression” by no longer using terms such as “you guys” or “terrorists”. Thus the emasculation continues in the name of the woken minority […]

“Don’t underestimate Russian threats of nuclear military strikes” — RT DE

22 Sep 2022 8:03 am The military historian Bastian Scianna from the University of Potsdam analyzes the consequences of the announced partial mobilization in Russia. The use of nuclear weapons is not excluded in an attack by Ukraine against Russia. Russia will defend its territory with nuclear weapons. In an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker […]

Turkey supported Azerbaijan in military action against Armenia, according to media — RT EN

16 Sep 2022 5:31 p.m According to a report by “Al-Monitor”, Turkish-made combat drones were used on Wednesday to carry out airstrikes against Armenia. Recent fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan is believed to be the heaviest since the 2020 war between the South Caucasus foes. More than 150 soldiers were killed in the renewed fierce […]

Long-range bombers and carpet bombing – Russian military experts — RT DE

15 Sep 2022 10:04 p.m Ukrainian troops continue to concentrate forces and equipment in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. What is Kyiv up to on the southern front, and what can Russian forces counter? Three military experts give advice. Ukrainian forces are concentrating their forces around the village of Kiselyovka, which is on the Kherson-Nikolaev […]