There were mistakes at the beginning of the military operation, now everything is going according to plan — RT DE

According to Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, mistakes were made at the start of the military operation in Ukraine, but now military action is proceeding according to plan. The tasks set by President Putin would be fulfilled one hundred percent. Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Russian republic of Chechnya, has spoken at the […]

US ready to provide military support to new NATO accession candidates — RT EN

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced that the United States is ready to provide military support to NATO accession candidates Sweden and Finland if necessary. He stressed that it is none of Moscow’s business whether countries join NATO or not. On Sunday, both Finland and Sweden officially announced their intention to join NATO – despite multiple […]

US military beams power a kilometer away — RT DE

At the beginning of the year, researchers working on behalf of the US military succeeded in transporting electrical energy wirelessly over a longer distance. To do this, they previously generated microwaves from the electrical energy. In the future, the military will be supplied with electricity from space. As a rule, copper cables carry the electricity […]

Campino would no longer object to military service today because of the Ukraine war — RT EN

Die Toten Hosen “became clearer and clearer about political statements when we thought it was time,” says their frontman Campino. Because of the Ukraine war, for example, he would no longer – unlike in 1983 – refuse to do military service. In view of the Ukraine war, rock singer Campino from Die Toten Hosen currently […]

US presses Israel again to expand ‘military aid’ to Ukraine — RT EN

The Biden administration last week called on the Israeli government to consider increasing its military aid to Ukraine. The Biden administration last week called on the Israeli government to consider increasing its military aid to Ukraine, US and Israeli officials told news website Axios. Israel has so far turned down Ukraine’s requests to supply Kyiv […]

Poland announces major military exercise — RT EN

29 Apr 2022 11:36 am Polish armed forces announce a large-scale military exercise. Troop movements are to take place across the country, including to exercise “cross-border activities”. Russian intelligence claims that Warsaw wants to occupy western Ukraine. An extensive military exercise is scheduled to take place in Poland from Sunday, which will last until the […]