International spy firm collects data from critical senators – to blackmail them — RT EN

6 Dec 2022 8:41 am An analysis by Maria Müller In recent weeks, the scandals in the government of neoliberal President Luis Lacalle Pou have been spreading like a bad crime novel. In July, the surprised audience was confronted with the actions of the minister’s wife Maya Cikurel, accused of money laundering in Panama, and […]

Traffic light calls on Turkey to ‘respect international law’ — RT EN

22 Nov 2022 06:00 After Turkey launched an airstrike on Kurdish areas in northern Syria and Iraq on Sunday, Berlin called on Ankara to act “proportionately” while upholding international law. The reports of civilian casualties are “worrying”. In view of the massive air raids on Kurdish areas in northern Syria and Iraq, the German government […]

Israel advances expansion of “apartheid wall” classified as illegal under international law — RT EN

18 Nov 2022 09:24 am Under the guise of Israeli security concerns and more recently to promote tourism and the creation of natural parks, Palestinians are being stripped of their land, property and human rights. Israel recently approved the expansion of the “separation wall” in the occupied West Bank. According to a report by Al-Masirah, […]

Russian federation suspended from International Paralympic Committee — RT EN

17 Nov 2022 7:41 p.m The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has suspended the membership of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) with immediate effect. The decision is expected to remain in effect until at least the end of 2023. At the General Assembly of the International Paralympic Committee in Berlin on Wednesday, 64 members voted to […]