No identification yet: body parts discovered while searching for Petito’s friend

There is still no trace of Brian Laundrie, the friend of the killed Gabby Petito. After his personal belongings appear in a nature reserve, body parts have also been discovered there, according to US media reports. In the Gabby Petito case, investigators found human remains and “items of interest” in a nature reserve while searching […]

Because of corona development: Morocco cuts air traffic with Germany

In Germany, the number of new corona cases has recently increased more and more significantly. The Netherlands and Great Britain are also seeing more new infections. Morocco will therefore cut air traffic with these three countries from Thursday. The regulation is to apply “until further notice”. Because of the current Corona situation, Morocco is cutting […]

"You are always smarter afterwards": Döpfner comments on Reichelt’s expulsion

Why didn’t Julian Reichelt have to vacate the “Bild” head post earlier? A criticism that Springer boss Mathias Döpfner is now exposed to. In a seven-minute video, he defends the group’s approach. A defamation campaign against Reichelt is said to have played a role. After the expulsion of the former “Bild” editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt, the […]

Not all employees vaccinated: Several deaths after outbreaks in nursing homes

Massive outbreaks of the corona virus occur in two nursing homes in northern Germany. Most of the residents are infected. There are now several fatalities. Many of the facility’s employees also test positive – some of them haven’t been vaccinated against the virus. A 95-year-old resident died after a corona outbreak in a senior citizens’ […]

"Malaise got stronger": Kekulé sees new evidence of laboratory accident

Does the coronavirus come from a laboratory or was it transmitted from animals to humans during fur production? Virologist Alexander Kekulé believes the latter is more likely. However, doubts grow with him. The Halle-based virologist Alexander Kekulé sees new evidence that the corona virus could be due to a laboratory accident in Wuhan. He has […]

GDR and Propaganda Assistants: Mathias Döpfner should quickly clarify the situation

There is no reason to fear that the Springer boss has suddenly mutated into an anti-democrat. But his chat messages leave the public a little perplexed. It is all the more important that Döpfner quickly resolves the irritation. It was “just” a private chat. It is not worth mentioning that it may contain words that […]