Initial Military Training — RT DE

10 Nov 2022 2:23 p.m In Russia there will be a new subject from the coming school year, which always begins on September 1st. From then on, fifth to eleventh graders are to learn the beginnings of military training after the main lesson and within the framework of an already existing subject. Source: Sputnik © […]

Financial interests and geopolitics – Training of Ukrainian soldiers in Poland — RT DE

27 Oct 2022 07:54 am by Oleg Chavich Last week, EU foreign ministers decided to launch the Ukraine Military Assistance Mission (EUMAM Ukraine), which will provide training for Ukrainian military personnel. The mission aims to train at least 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers and officers and will start in mid-November 2022. EUMAM’s formal headquarters will be in […]

How the EU is training Ukrainian military — RT EN

19 Oct 2022 06:45 am By Aliona Zadorozhnaya and Darya Volkova The European Union has decided to set up training camps for Ukrainian soldiers on its own territory. In fact, some countries, such as Poland, had previously trained Ukrainians in their country, but now the practice is becoming a pan-European project. 106 million euros will […]

Austria and Hungary are not training Ukrainian soldiers – but Germany and Poland are happy to do so — RT DE

18 Oct 2022 3:43 pm The EU foreign ministers have decided on a training mission for the armed forces of Ukraine. 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers are to receive military training in Germany and other EU countries. According to Austria’s and Hungary’s foreign ministers, their countries are not taking part. Austria does not plan to take part […]

More weapon systems, armaments and military training for Ukraine – for “years” — RT DE

13 Oct 2022 21:38 At another meeting of the so-called Ukraine Contact Group, the defense ministers of the 30 NATO countries and 20 other partner countries met in Brussels to negotiate further arms deliveries to Ukraine. In this context, the Pentagon chief spoke of difficult weeks, months and years in which the Ukrainian troops needed […]

Where did the citizen training not work out? — RT DE

the Corona Committee Foundation was founded in July 2020 by the lawyers Dr. Reiner Füllmich and Viviane Fischer with the aim of clarifying the medical and political background of the corona pandemic. Since then, scientists and experts from the fields of medicine, law and politics have been invited every Friday to present their alternative professional […]

US troops also train Ukrainian soldiers at former Wehrmacht training ground — RT EN

The US is training Ukrainian troops at a military training ground in Germany. According to a US general, more than 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained in preparation for a conflict with Russia over the past seven years. The US is training Ukrainian troops on the use of NATO-supplied military hardware, including howitzers and drones […]