Ukrainian nationalists carried out terrorist attacks in Berdyansk and Melitopol on the day of Russia — RT EN

On the Russian national holiday, Ukrainian forces carried out attacks in the Zaporozhye region. This was announced by the regional authorities. A substation was blown up in Berdyansk, and a bomb was detonated in front of the police building in Melitopol. Four people were injured. According to regional authorities, on June 12, Russia Day, Ukrainian […]

Green faction wants Ukraine’s National Day to be a one-off holiday in the federal capital — RT DE

According to the Berlin parliamentary group of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, August 24 of this year should be a one-time public holiday in the federal state of Berlin as a sign of solidarity with the Ukraine. From one of the two coalition partners there were probably already corresponding first positive signals. According to media information, as […]

“A celebration of joy with tears in my eyes” – Victory Day commemoration in Moscow — RT EN

9 May 2022 8:15 p.m In Moscow alone this year, over a million people were expected to march through the city streets carrying portraits of their ancestors to remember them and express their gratitude. The first “March of the Immortal Regiment” took place in Tomsk, Siberia, in 2012 and was organized by local residents. The […]

Putin congratulates on Victory Day — RT EN

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated all citizens of Russia on the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany at the traditional military parade in Moscow. He also mentioned the current hostilities in Ukraine. Here is a summary of the most important aspects of his speech. Russia on Monday marked the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s […]

Berlin Senate will not take part in commemoration of Liberation Day on May 8th and 9th — RT DE

On the 77th anniversary of Germany’s liberation from National Socialism on May 8, no members of the Berlin Senate will officially take part in commemorative events. The focus of the security authorities on May 8th and 9th is on securing memorials and symbolic places. Berlin’s Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) announced that the Senate would […]