“We’re going to Europe with tanks” – The EU entry restrictions for Russians — RT EN

30 Sep 2022 06:15 am After Estonia restricted entry for Russian citizens with Schengen visas, Latvia followed with some pride. Will Lithuania join? The different ways in which the EU countries deal with this act of Russophobia not only makes their position within the international community clear. By Sergey Aksyonov The government of Latvia has […]

Interior Minister Faeser worried about increasing migration to Europe — RT DE

25 Sep 2022 09:53 am The growing number of refugees trying to reach Europe via the Balkan route or the Mediterranean is a concern for German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. One must “stop illegal entries”. However, the Minister is unconcerned about the now almost one million Ukraine refugees in Germany. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser […]

Will the cold stop Europe? — RT DE

20 Sep 2022 09:13 am Given the uncertainties that have arisen about Russian gas supplies to Europe, Russian observers have been gripped by the expectation that Russia’s opponents could literally freeze to death this winter. However, it would be superficial to believe that such emotions are shared by, or reflect the intentions of, the Russian […]

Energy crisis possible in Europe — RT DE

9 Sep 2022 7:06 p.m In view of the sanctions imposed on Russia, Europe is trying, among other things, to switch to liquefied natural gas. However, the largest US LNG exporter warns that demand from China could lead to energy shortages in Europe. Against the background of the energy shortage in Europe and the approaching […]