Russia denies involvement in missile strike in Poland — RT EN

Belarusian Defense Ministry admits Polish preparations for “aggressive war”. The militarization of Poland shows that Warsaw is preparing for a war and not a defensive war, Major General Valery Gnilosub, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces, said on Wednesday. The Belarusian Defense Ministry spokesman stated: “The militarization of neighboring states, […]

US threatens nuclear first strike — RT EN

31 Oct 2022 10:26 am In its new nuclear doctrine, the USA does not rule out a nuclear first strike. NATO tested the use of nuclear weapons in Europe. Russia responded with an exercise rehearsing nuclear counterstrike. The nuclear war in Europe was played through once. Source: © McPHOTO/M. Gann via www.imago-im The USA […]

North Korea ready to launch pre-emptive nuclear strike ‘automatically and immediately’ if threatened — RT DE

9 Sep 2022 09:46 am In a new law, North Korea has laid down the requirements for the use of nuclear weapons. Pyongyang says in the text of the law that it will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if it sees a threat to its top leadership or “important strategic goals”. The state-run Korean […]