British students must now report alleged Russian propaganda — RT EN

A Scottish university urged students to report “propaganda” after one of the lecturers was accused of conveying a pro-Russian perspective. He only tried to show different perspectives in the Ukraine conflict. The University of Edinburgh in Scotland has urged its students to report “misinformation” after one of its lecturers was accused of spreading “Russian fake […]

“30 percent of students affected by poverty” – Criticism of planned BAföG reform — RT DE

The number of BAföG recipients has continued to decline. The traffic light coalition now wants to expand the circle of recipients with a reform and raise the BAföG rates. But social organizations are sounding the alarm and are calling for a much larger increase. The opposition in the Bundestag has criticized the BAföG reform initiated […]

‘Bloodthirsty Monsters’ – BaWü teaches students what to think about Russian soldiers — RT EN

12 Apr 2022 3:08 pm Russian soldiers see Ukrainians as “bloodthirsty, hateful monsters.” Pupils in Baden-Württemberg learn this from a state-approved teaching brochure. The booklet is intended to “support teachers in dealing with the topic of war in Ukraine”. by Susan Bonath It’s hard to believe: In Baden-Württemberg, a public-law institution that reports to the […]