Save taxes: postpone the payment date of the severance payment

Those who leave their company often receive severance pay. The money counts as income and therefore has to be taxed. Tax structuring is allowed here. If an employment relationship is terminated, employees often receive severance pay. This is a fully taxable wage, explains Jana Bauer from the Federal Association of Wage Tax Assistance Associations in […]

On Work, Marriage, and Baby: Jennifer Lawrence: "I was fed up"

After a three-year break in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is back in public. In an interview, the actress reveals what made her withdraw and why she doesn’t like talking about her marriage and pregnancy. It was quiet around Jennifer Lawrence for three years, now the Hollywood star is slowly coming back to the public. And not […]

In the event of termination: when does a repayment clause take effect?

With a repayment clause, employers want to retain employees who have received a discount. However, these clauses do not always have to be effective. What counts? Rake in the Christmas bonus and then I’ll be gone! Employers would like to prevent such behavior on the part of employees and can therefore include so-called repayment clauses […]