US imposes sanctions on world’s largest diamond miner — RT EN

8 Apr 2022 10:10 am The United States has imposed another set of sanctions on Moscow. This time state-owned companies are targeted. Among those affected is one of the world’s largest mining companies and Russia’s leading shipbuilder. On Thursday, the US Treasury and State Departments announced new sanctions against Russia. The embargoes would affect the […]

Trudeau is the world’s most fearful despot — RT EN

1 Feb 2022 9:30 p.m Conservative US moderator Tucker Carlson accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of hiding from truck drivers. Calling him the world’s worst despot, Carlson said Trudeau is using the COVID-19 pandemic to his advantage. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s stance on truckers protesting Canada’s […]

The world’s longest high-speed rail network is set to grow even longer — RT EN

23 Jan 2022 3:35 p.m By 2025, Beijing wants to expand the Chinese high-speed railway network by 50,000 kilometers. According to analysts, the Chinese leadership is increasing investments in the country’s infrastructure in a bid to slow its economic downturn. China plans to extend the length of its high-speed rail network to 50,000 kilometers by […]