Weakened Macron enters second term — RT EN

25 Apr 2022 09:29 am In France there was no big surprise – such as Brexit or the election of ex-US President Donald Trump. Incumbent Macron wins the runoff against his conservative challenger Le Pen. But a brilliant victory looks different. The French have rejected the conservative and at the same time EU skeptic Marine […]

English Wikipedia names “Putin understander” the term of the world language — RT DE

24 Apr 2022 6:59 p.m The English-language Wikipedia has also known the German term “Putinversteher” since April 2018. The corresponding entry was regularly supplemented and reformulated there. The chronology of the more than 80 updates is interesting. For the first time, the German term “Putinversteher” was introduced to the readers of the English-language online encyclopedia […]

Constitution bans third term — RT DE

9 Feb 2022 12:44 pm Turkish President Erdoğan wants to make a name for himself as a mediator in the Ukraine crisis in Kiev. With regard to the elections, opposition leader Erdoğan warns that the constitution prohibits a third term. At the same time he calls for early elections in the interests of the Turkish […]