Yemen at risk of massive oil spill — RT EN

According to a report by “AFP”, the UN warned on Monday that a tanker abandoned off Yemen could soon break up – with fatal consequences for people and nature. In addition, cleaning up the oil spill would cost around 20 billion US dollars. As the AFP news agency reported, the UN has warned of billions […]

“Powers like you, Ms. Strack-Zimmermann, increase the risk” — RT DE

The debate about heavy weapons for Ukraine is massively polarizing in Germany. In an interview between Alice Schwarzer and the FDP politician and arms lobbyist Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, things got hot on Friday. in one interview The pacifist and feminist Alice Schwarzer and the FDP politician met with Der Spiegel on Friday arms lobbyist Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, […]

Infrastructure measures at risk – construction and civil engineering suffer from price increases — RT DE

20 Apr 2022 7:20 am As a result of the war in Ukraine, there is an increasing shortage of raw materials in Germany. The result is price increases and economic slumps. Now the construction industry also fears that it will no longer be able to handle orders in the future. The construction industry in Germany […]

Robert Koch Institute updates COVID-19 risk assessment and vaccination effectiveness — RT DE

7 mar 2022 5:29 p.m Without any major communication, the RKI changed essential sections of its COVID-19 risk assessment. The argumentation of protection against transmission of COVID-19 through vaccination was modified by the formulation of vaccination protection against “serious illness and hospitalization”. Unknown to most citizens of this country, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) changed […]