NSA staged thousands of cyber attacks on Chinese facilities — RT EN

23 Sep 2022 4:42 p.m China accuses the United States of having an NSA hacking team attack a research facility close to the Chinese military. At times, the American hackers are said to have had control over the Chinese telecommunications networks and other infrastructure facilities. China has accused the American foreign intelligence agency NSA of […]

Federal Interior Minister Faeser wants to change the Basic Law for cyber security — RT DE

Nancy Faeser wants to change the basic law for cyber security. Currently, competence for cyber security lies with the federal states. The Federal Minister of the Interior now wants to expand the Federal Office for Information Security into the Central Office for Cyber ​​Security. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has proposed an amendment to […]

Anonymous hackers declare cyber war on Russia – DDoS attacks against RT and Kremlin websites — RT EN

25 Feb 2022 12:09 pm The hacker group Anonymous has declared a cyber war against Russia and has claimed responsibility for the hacker attacks on the websites of the Russian TV channel RT and Russian state organs. Previously, these had been temporarily paralyzed by repeated DDoS attacks. On Thursday evening, in response to the Russian […]