140,000 years Ukraine? – Russian ambassador to UN on absurdities of Ukrainian education — RT DE

The permanent representative of Russia at the United Nations, Wassili Nebensya, discussed Ukraine’s current education programs in the UN Security Council. History and geography classes are doing strange things there. On the part of the state, a nationalist rewriting of Eurasian history is being pursued. In his appearance on May 12, the top Russian diplomat […]

Siemens ends business in Russia after 170 years – sanctions massively reduce profits — RT DE

More and more German companies are withdrawing from business with Russia because of the anti-Russian sanctions. At Siemens, profits are already collapsing – the damage to the German economy is enormous. How many more anti-Russian sanctions can the German economy endure? Siemens retires according to According to a report in the Handelsblatt, after around 170 […]