Federal government dissolves Corona crisis team — RT DE

May 11, 2022 5:39 p.m About five months after it was put together, the Corona crisis team in the Federal Chancellery to coordinate nationwide vaccinations against the virus will be dissolved. As a spokeswoman announced on Wednesday, there is now a completely different situation with the infection and the vaccinations. Source: www.globallookpress.com © Jens Kalaene/dpa […]

Venezuela – end of the crisis in sight? — RT DE

An analysis by Ociel Alí López Amidst major US media coverage, the UN Regional Commission announced that Venezuela’s growth is estimated at 5 percent for the current year. What does this data mean? According to the report, “The region is expected to grow at an average rate of 1.8 percent (while) the economies of South […]

Ukraine crisis could provoke further destabilization in Middle East — RT EN

The Ukraine crisis is threatening the stability of countries in the Middle East and North Africa, which are heavily dependent on imports of Russian and Ukrainian wheat and grains. Rising prices and supply disruptions could trigger famine, protests and mass migration in the region. The Ukraine crisis is threatening the supply of wheat and grains […]

China calls on US ‘crisis causers’ to clarify biomilitary activities — RT EN

29 Apr 2022 9:57 pm In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, US bio-research laboratories located in dozens of different countries became the focus of public debate. Beijing calls for a thorough investigation. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei on Thursday called the United States the real originator of biocrises and called on […]

Rockefeller Foundation president warns of ‘massive’ global hunger crisis — RT EN

Apr 28, 2022 12:17 p.m Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah called for debt relief and emergency aid for poorer countries to avert a “massive, imminent food crisis” looming over the Ukraine war. Source: www.globallookpress.com © Gottfried Czepluch, via www.imago-images.de As a result of the war in Ukraine, exports of wheat, corn, sunflower oil and other […]