First arms deliveries to war zones, now oil production in the Wadden Sea — RT DE

The Greens are generally regarded as a pacifist and, above all, environmentally conscious party. At the moment, however, politicians and voters alike are surprising with active support for former taboo topics. In the most recent case, the Schleswig-Holstein Greens want to approve previously opposed oil production in the Wadden Sea. The party’s election result from […]

A whistle for Baerbock – Corona critics also protest against arms deliveries — RT DE

Since October 2020, a nationwide demonstration against the corona measures has been taking place every Saturday and in all weathers in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital, sometimes with several thousand participants. by Felicitas Rabe Because of the election campaign visit by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, the corona-critical protest march was moved to Cologne this […]

US postpones arms shipments to Taiwan — RT EN

The delivery of new artillery systems from the US to the Taiwanese military, agreed in August 2021, will be delayed by an estimated three years. The reason for this is the utilization of the US production lines with weapons for Ukraine. On Monday, Taiwan’s defense ministry said the arrival of new artillery systems from the […]