Head of arms company “Kalashnikov” on current challenges and development of drones — RT DE

12 Aug 2022 7:36 am Alan Luzhnikov, the main owner of the Kalashnikov armaments concern, told about the arms manufacturer’s operations against the background of the Ukraine war. Production will now be adapted to the current conditions. The Wichr anti-tank guided missile is particularly promising. The boss of the Russian arms manufacturer “Kalashnikov” Alan Luzhnikov […]

Orban criticizes arms deliveries to Ukraine – Kyiv alleges spread of “Russian propaganda” — RT EN

Criticism of Viktor Orbán came from Kyiv after he declared that neither the sanctions against Russia nor the arms deliveries to Kyiv had brought results. He also warned that the Ukraine conflict could lead to the end of Western supremacy. Statements by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about the ineffectiveness of sanctions against Russia are […]

Kyiv rejects demand to monitor US arms shipments — RT EN

Ukrainian-born US Rep. Victoria Spartz complained last week that Western arms shipments to Ukraine were not being adequately monitored. Kyiv reacted with outrage, claiming that any attempt at surveillance would only play into Moscow’s hands. Kyiv has responded with irritation at a request by Victoria Spartz, a Republican US Congresswoman from Indiana, reacted, according to […]

‘No idea where they’re going’ – West wants to trace arms shipments to Ukraine — RT DE

According to a report in the newspaper “Financial Times”, the Western countries that supply arms to Ukraine want to better track them. According to the report, the EU and NATO members have “no idea” where they end up after arriving in the country. Concerns are growing among NATO and EU member countries over Ukraine’s handling […]

US considers resale of offensive arms to Saudi Arabia – Iran warns of new escalation — RT EN

In the midst of the Ukraine war, “human rights issues” are no longer on the US government’s agenda. As the US considers resuming sales of offensive arms to Saudi Arabia, President Biden wants to advance the emergence of a military alliance between Israel and the Gulf states against Iran. However, Iran warns against an immediate […]