Free trade agreement with Canada – German government plans to ratify CETA — RT DE

14 Nov 2022 7:53 p.m The CETA free trade agreement is due to be ratified this month. Critics have long seen shortcomings in labor law and environmental protection, among other things. In addition, the private-law arbitration enshrined therein threatens to further undermine democracy in the participating states. According to a press release by the Federal […]

Hope for Nord Stream 1? – Canada wants to return more gas turbines to Germany – RT DE

25 Aug 2022 11:42 am Ottawa has dismissed Ukrainian objections and said Canada will return Nord Stream 1 components to Gazprom. The delivery of several important turbines was blocked because of the sanctions imposed by Canada on Russia. Berlin had asked for an exception. Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly said on Wednesday that her government […]

Causa above the clouds – politicians and journalists on Canada flight without masks — RT DE

23 Aug 2022 3:00 p.m By Bernhard Loyen A larger delegation in a government machine is currently causing irritation, scorn and ridicule to anger and incomprehension among the citizens. The reason can be found in the aloof carelessness of the accompanying, reporting media. A complete aircraft, according to the German Press Agency (dpa) “more than […]

Canada instead of Russia? Scholz and Habeck continue to search for new sources of energy and raw materials — RT DE

22 Aug 2022 3:58 pm Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck are hoping for a new energy partnership with Canada. But the local population is alarmed: they no longer want to allow controversial gas extraction methods such as fracking, and there is resistance. In their search for new gas suppliers, Chancellor […]

Massive mobile and internet outage in Canada – causes unknown – RT DE

Canada’s largest mobile and cable network operator experienced a massive outage on Friday, even affecting ATMs and emergency hotlines. So far, nothing is known about the cause of the failure, the second event of this type within 15 months. A power outage Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications operators, suspended millions of people from […]