Alleged perpetrator in custody — RT DE

Esslingen’s knife attacker has been caught. He was arrested without resistance on Friday evening. However, the motive for his act is still unclear: there is no personal relationship between him and the injured child or the school supervisor. The alleged author of the Esslingen knife attack has been taken into custody. The public prosecutor’s office […]

British students must now report alleged Russian propaganda — RT EN

A Scottish university urged students to report “propaganda” after one of the lecturers was accused of conveying a pro-Russian perspective. He only tried to show different perspectives in the Ukraine conflict. The University of Edinburgh in Scotland has urged its students to report “misinformation” after one of its lecturers was accused of spreading “Russian fake […]

UK MP arrested over alleged abuse — RT EN

18 May 2022 09:00 A Tory parliamentary backbencher was reportedly arrested on Tuesday. He is accused of sexual abuse, rape and abuse of his positions of power. Until further notice he is in custody. Source: © Andrew Matthews – WPA Pool/Getty Images London police have reportedly arrested a UK Tory MP on alleged rape […]

Inconsistencies in CNN report on alleged killing of two civilians by Russian soldiers — RT DE

by Vladislav Sankin “This is a prime example of Russian war crimes in Ukraine, a prime example that the world has not yet seen” – the US broadcaster CNN reports its sensation in a May 12 broadcast video report. The broadcaster received surveillance video that is being investigated as a war crime by Ukrainian prosecutors, […]

Frontex boss resigns after alleged illegal deportation scandal — RT DE

29 Apr 2022 5:38 pm The head of the European border protection agency Frontex Leggeri has resigned. The reason for this are increasing reports about his organization’s alleged involvement in the illegal repatriation of migrants who wanted to enter the EU via the Aegean Sea. As the official Turkish news agency Anadolu reported, citing various […]

Bucha was staged fake like alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria — RT EN

Apr 13, 2022 1:12 p.m The alleged killing of residents in the city of Bucha by the Russian military resembles a western fabricated hoax about the use of chemical weapons by government forces in Syria. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied allegations that Russian troops […]