Orbán accuses EU of abuse of power — RT EN

In a speech to parliamentarians, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán accused Brussels of abuse of power. Orbán said he would oppose the EU agenda of “gender madness and a liberal Europe”. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took the oath of office on Monday after being elected to a fourth consecutive term in April. In his […]

US military beams power a kilometer away — RT DE

At the beginning of the year, researchers working on behalf of the US military succeeded in transporting electrical energy wirelessly over a longer distance. To do this, they previously generated microwaves from the electrical energy. In the future, the military will be supplied with electricity from space. As a rule, copper cables carry the electricity […]

Germany opposes EU green label for nuclear power — RT EN

The European dispute over the promotion of nuclear energy and its classification as climate-neutral continues: Germany has again announced that it will veto the European Commission’s proposal for a resolution that would favor the construction of nuclear power plants. As announced, Germany will speak out against a sustainability label for nuclear power proposed by the […]

How the US misused its climate change agenda to maintain its military power — RT EN

12 Apr 2022 06:45 am by RT Investigative Files declassified by the US National Security Archives reveal the extent of paranoid and aggressive American backroom harassment in the Kyoto Protocol negotiations. The historic agreement of the 1990s, which committed almost every country in the world to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent further […]

“Foreign power wants to overthrow me” — RT EN

1 Apr 2022 2:02 p.m Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing a no-confidence vote, which he will most likely lose. During a televised address, he indicated that Washington wanted to force him out of office. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan “inadvertently” blamed the United States when he claimed that “a foreign country whose name […]

Hours of queues and power outages as Sri Lanka grapples with severe economic crisis — RT EN

31 mar 2022 7:06 am Power outages and bottlenecks in medicines, fuel and fertilizer: Sri Lanka lacks everything. Due to a critical foreign exchange deficit, the island state is no longer able to pay for imports. It is the worst economic crisis since 1948. Sri Lankan residents faced 10-hour power outages on Wednesday, which would […]

Pentagon vs. State Department – Power struggle in Washington to react to the Ukraine war? — RT DE

25 mar 2022 12:51 p.m According to investigative website Consortium News, the US Department of Defense leaked two reports to the press intended to shed a very different light on Russia’s warfare in Ukraine. The Russian offensive was by no means “stalled”. According to the investigative website Consortium News In the context of the war […]