Japan fears for gas supplies after Putin’s Sakhalin-2 decree — RT EN

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on June 30th regulating the fate of a previous major Russian-Japanese gas exploration investment project off the island of Sakhalin. Politicians in Japan, who were just threatening Russia, are now worried about supplying their own country with Russian natural gas. Japan is asking Russia to explain the “Sakhalin-2” […]

On the end of Western dominance – Putin’s St. Petersburg speech — RT EN

by Gert Ewen Ungar From June 15 to 18 the International Economic Forum took place in Saint-Petersburg. It was remarkable in several respects. On the one hand, the forum celebrated its 25th anniversary. Interest was great again this year. Regardless of the tense geopolitical situation, a total of 14,000 participants from 130 countries attended. Contracts […]

Topics announced for Putin’s speech at St. Petersburg Economic Forum — RT EN

Kremlin spokesman Peskov has announced which topics Vladimir Putin will address at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. The speech will mainly deal with economic issues and is particularly important in view of the international situation. Dmitry Peskov, the Russian President’s press secretary, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally takes part in the preparation […]

Helsinki Commission sees “Putin’s accomplices” in Switzerland — RT EN

The image of Switzerland as a hiding place for dubious funds persists. Today everything is different, the authorities have cleaned up, the Swiss government claims. But new allegations are coming from the United States. The Confederates are outraged. The Swiss government has vehemently defended itself against allegations from the United States that it is “an […]

Did Biden Call for Putin’s Overthrow? White House puts it in perspective, Peskow sees ‘amazing’ presumption — RT DE

27 mar 2022 4:17 p.m In his speech in Warsaw, the US President accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes and questioned his ability to remain in power. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Biden’s comments “amazing.” According to US President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin should no longer remain in office. Biden said […]