Marieluise Beck receives the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class — RT DE

1 Oct 2022 7:35 p.m The Greens politician Marieluise Beck received the award in Berlin, symbolically on the day of German unity. She is the head of the anti-Russian think tank Center for Liberal Modernity. Staffers of the Center for Liberal Modernity’s Twitter account personally updated the culmination of a long and consistent anti-Russian policy […]

How the federal government controls the anti-Russian narrative — RT DE

29 Sep 2022 12:48 p.m A document published on the NachDenkSeiten reveals explosive information. Accordingly, the federal government is massively influencing the media discourse about Russia – and fueling anti-Russian resentment in German society. An exclusive one appeared today on the NachDenkseiten contribution, based on an internal document from the federal government. This ten-page document […]

States call for more federal support — RT DE

27 Sep 2022 9:41 p.m The federal and state governments are currently arguing about a third relief package to deal with the many crises. According to the traffic light coalition, the federal states should co-finance this, but the prime ministers are dismissing it. The federal government could also temporarily lift the debt brake. In the […]

‘Not just any right-wing groups’ – Growing protests against federal politics — RT DE

22 Sep 2022 3:40 p.m The “hot autumn” has begun in Germany. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets nationwide to demonstrate against the government’s energy policy. Mayors and other local politicians also vented their anger during the protests. During numerous protests against the high energy prices this week, tens of thousands of […]

The federal government takes over 98.5 percent of the shares in the gas importer Uniper – RT DE

21 Sep 2022 11:16 am The federal government, the energy company Uniper and the former Finnish Uniper majority owner Fortum have agreed on the extensive nationalization of the gas supplier. A corresponding stabilization package for Uniper was signed on Wednesday. The German state will take over all Uniper shares previously held by the energy company […]

With masks in the fall – the Federal Council approves the government’s corona rules – RT DE

16 Sep 2022 5:01 p.m The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. Numerous government measures to contain the corona virus will also accompany people in Germany this autumn. One of them is the obligation to wear masks in several areas of public life. From October 1st, new mask and test requirements will apply in Germany. […]

“Direct capital increase” for Uniper under discussion – federal government could take majority in energy group – RT DE

14 Sep 2022 4:56 p.m Germany’s most important gas importer is in financial difficulties. The company needs to supply gas, but at the moment supplies from Russia have stopped and prices on the market have skyrocketed. Uniper is already receiving state aid – and is negotiating more. The gas importer Uniper is in financial trouble. […]