200,000 people in Moscow face sacking — RT EN

Apr 19, 2022 6:15 am More than 200,000 people in Moscow are at risk of unemployment because foreign companies have shut down operations. The Moscow authorities will offer temporary and public works to those who worked at these enterprises. Around 200,000 people in Moscow are at risk of losing their jobs because foreign companies have […]

Former Minister Spiegel receives 75,600 euros – Ahr Valley flood helpers face fines of up to 50,000 euros – RT DE

13 Apr 2022 5:48 p.m Ex-Federal Family Minister Spiegel is entitled to a so-called transitional allowance, which according to initial information will be EUR 75,600. Former Ahr Valley flood helpers, on the other hand, are threatened with a high fine – due to an “eviction request due to a lack of safety check”. The Green […]

Ukrainian Nazis face just punishment for torture and murder of prisoners — RT EN

3 Apr 2022 8:37 pm Commentary by Pyotr Svetov The head of the Russian investigative committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has instructed that known cases of mistreatment of Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine be investigated. This is about videos that are circulating on the net. In one, a Ukrainian nationalist humiliates and abuses a Russian citizen, […]