Ukraine declares critical journalist public enemy — RT EN

The notorious Ukrainian website Mirotvorets declared a public enemy a journalist who wrote an article accusing the former human rights commissioner of fabricating alleged rapes by Russian troops. Ukrainian journalist Sonya Lukashova has ended up on the notorious website Mirotvorets (“Peacemaker”) after writing a controversial article. In the article, she claimed that most of the […]

Public prosecutor’s office investigates possible fraud with intensive care beds — RT DE

Two clinics in Saarland are being investigated on suspicion of fraud with so-called free allowances in the millions. Several lawyers had previously sued. According to the responsible Ministry of Health, an investigation against unknown persons is ongoing. The public prosecutor’s office in Saarland has apparently started investigations in connection with the possible fraud of millions […]

Masks are no longer compulsory in shops and public transport over the summer months — RT DE

According to the current Corona regulation of the Austrian government, the mask requirement in certain areas such as public transport should actually apply until July. But now Vienna has announced that masks will be off as early as June – but only for the time being. In Austria there is a “gratifying development” when it […]

Public prosecutor declares Heinrich Böll Foundation an “undesirable organization” — RT DE

24 May 2022 06:00 The Russian branch of the Heinrich Böll Foundation is now classified as undesirable. It represents “a threat to the country’s constitutional order and security,” the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Monday. Source: AFP The Russian public prosecutor’s office has declared the Heinrich Böll Foundation undesirable. The agency said on Monday […]

public servant? people’s executioner! Zelensky’s ruling party wants to expatriate war refugees — RT DE

In Latvia, if you approve of Russia’s operation to pacify Ukraine, you will be expatriated. In Ukraine itself, people want to go further and expatriate people who do not want to die in the war that Kyiv itself unleashed and who fled the country. a commentary by Mikhail Konev After Latvia’s government, Ukraine’s has now […]

Court in Mali summons France’s foreign minister ‘to damaging public property’ — RT DE

12 May 2022 21:02 Against the background of considerable political tensions between Mali and France, a court in Bamako summoned French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. Le Drian’s son Thomas is also under investigation. Both are scheduled to audition on June 20th. Source: AFP © DOMINIQUE FAGET An investigating magistrate in Mali, West Africa, has […]