"Reich citizen raid" before planned system change? Curtain up and action!

By Bernhard Loyen December 7, 2022 is developing into a remarkable day in terms of events in eleven federal states of Germany as well as in Austria (Kitzbühel) and Italy (Perugia). The Federal Public Prosecutor at the Court of Justice informed in a Messageregarding official activities in Germany: “Arrest of 25 suspected members and supporters […]

The EU planned economy and the oil price cap

Guest Commentary by Dr. Karin Kneissl Crude oil is the global commodity par excellence, no other raw material moves across the globe every day like crude oil, the lubricant of industry for almost 100 years. Crude oil is transported by tanker or pipeline, but if the worst comes to the worst it can also be […]

Weapons systems planned for Poland already promised to elite NATO unit — RT DE

2 Dec 2022 4:07 pm In her recent offer of military support for Poland, Defense Minister Lambrecht suppressed the fact that the three promised Patriot systems had already been pledged to NATO’s VJTF rapid reaction force. According to media information, a “communication breakdown” was the reason for the irritation. About ten days ago secured In […]

Deportation of all Russians from Crimea planned after recapture — RT EN

1 Dec 2022 21:53 Speaking to a Ukrainian news channel, the “Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea” Tamila Taschenva announced the deportation of Russians from the peninsula. It is only a “matter of time” that Crimea will be returned to Ukraine. Source: Sputnik © Konstantin Mihalchevskiy Crimea is still […]

LNG terminals twice as expensive as planned — RT DE

21 Nov 2022 06:15 am According to research by the news magazine Der Spiegel, the costs of building the floating liquid gas terminals are skyrocketing. Originally, three billion euros were estimated. In the meantime, the costs have more than doubled. Source: www.globallookpress.com © Hauke-Christian Dittrich The federal government would like to become independent of Russian […]